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AAP: Take Action on Limiting Children's Exposure to "Virtual Violence"

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) released "Virtual Violence", a policy statement with guidelines for parents, health providers, policy makers, and the entertainment industry for protecting children from excessive exposure to onscreen violence. 

The recommendations include:

  • Legislation prohibiting minor's easy access to violent content
  • Pediatricians advocating for more child-positive media
  • The entertainment industry making a concerted effort to not normalize violence or glamorize weaponry
  • Video games not featuring human targets or rewards for harming or killing
  • Protecting children under the age of six from viewing violence-based media

Data on the prevalence of violence in children's programing (70% of children's programming and 91% of video games) and how onscreen violence is linked to aggressive behavior further underscores the importance of following these guidelines. Controlling this exposure is particularly important in a technological age when children have "unprecedented" access to viewing and sharing violent programing, including video games, through smartphones and tablets. 

To learn more, read the full policy statement or the AAP's policy review article

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