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Swaddling May Increase SIDS Risk

A new analysis published in Pediatrics, "Swaddling and the Risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: A Meta-analysis", found that swaddling increases the risk for SIDS by about 1/3. 

The results reinforce that babies are safest when put to sleep on their backs. The risk for SIDS was found to be greatest in babies sleeping on their stomachs, followed by those on their sides, and least in those placed to sleep on their backs. 

The findings also indicate that SIDS risk when swaddling increases with increasing infant age. This is likely because infants after 4 months are more likely to be able to roll into an unsafe position. Though the authors stop short of making a recommendations, they strongly encourage parents to consider no longer swaddling when their baby is able to roll over, typically around 4 to 6 months.

To read more results, read the full study in Pediatrics. For a summary, including author commentary, read this article from The New York Times.

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