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Cities Take Personalized Approach to Infant Mortality

A new article from Governing, "A More Personalized Approach to Reducing Infant Mortality in Columbus, Ohio", highlights Columbus' CelebrateOne campaign, which uses a targetted, holistic approach to reducing the city's infant mortality rate. The campaign is modeled after other cities' initiatives, including B'more for Healthy Babies.

The article highlights B'more for Healthy Babies' success and quotes co-lead, Rebecca Dineen, who says that shifting focus to include public health, not just medicine, is key to this approach. In her words:

"I think cities are realizing that public health issues are indicators of what's happening throughout the society and that developing a long-term strategy [addressing] those underlying issues like trauma, stress and education is what really helps people."

To learn more about B'more for Healthy Babies' approach, visit our website's Vision & Strategy section.

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