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Community Programs

BHB belongs to everyone. Whether a mom, family member, doctor, nurse, teacher, social worker, community leader – every baby counts on you.

Antione Dow is one person who has been inspired by the BHB Initiative to rally his community around safe and healthy parenting.

Before BHB reached out to Antoine, the father of three had always put his newborn babies to sleep on their stomachs. “I didn’t even question it. Everything was by habit,” he said.

The premature birth of his youngest son Nasir presented new challenges. So when BHB staff approached Antoine about mobilizing his community around infant health, he readily agreed. Antoine's first step was to take the BHB messages to his own home.  He made sure Nasir slept in a crib - every time - and placed the baby on his back for sleep.

“We were lucky, very lucky, that nothing had ever happened,” he said.

Antoine owns a barbershop and adjacent grocery store on Druid Hill Avenue. His business was one of several recently offering free haircuts and a discussion of safe sleep for 'Barber Day' - an annual Father's Day event in Upton/Druid Heights.

Antoine keeps his home and shop smoke-free, and reminds his clients about BHB’s “Just Hold Off” campaign to protect pregnant women and babies from secondhand tobacco smoke. “If I see one of the guys in my shop smoking, I ask them to take it outside or to not smoke at all.”

Antoine continues to spread the word in his barbershop and grocery store. “Infant mortality is a real problem in Baltimore. I want to save as many kids as I can.”

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